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STAND is a non-profit organization committed to the improved safety of North Dakota communities through the provision of high-quality, evidence-based treatment and other services for individuals convicted or adjudicated of sexual crimes.

Our Purpose

A Safer North Dakota Through the Effective Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Those Who Have Committed Sexual Harm

Our purpose as an agency is to make a difference in our communities by providing expert assessment, treatment, and management of those who have committed sexual harm, in such a way that it prepares them to live a lifestyle incompatible with sexual offending.

We believe in the innate human potential for transformation that makes change possible.

We believe in a future free of sexual abuse.

We believe effective treatment starts with evidence-based assessments that identify static and dynamic risk factors, protective factors, criminogenic needs, and individual responsivity factors.

We believe that each offender should be matched with the treatment resources that are most uniquely suited to his/her rehabilitative needs.

We believe that ongoing collaboration with our community partners toward shared goals enhances service delivery and leverages change.

We believe that empirically sound treatment can transform the lives of those who have committed sexual harm, reduce recidivism, and protect our State’s vulnerable populations.

We believe that effective treatment involves not only reducing risky behaviors, but also enhancing protective factors and quality of life.

We believe in trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, empirically-based, and developmentally appropriate interventions.

We believe in informed public policy guided by sound research and that perpetuating myths and misconceptions about sexual abuse is counter-productive to the goal of community safety.

We believe the fields of assessment, treatment, and management of those who have committed sexual harm is constantly evolving, necessitating providers to stay informed of recent trends and developments.

We believe not everyone is responsible for their circumstances, but everyone is responsible for their choices.

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